Blast Consignment
YSLs, almost new with the box. Size 8.5 - $395
Red not doin' it for ya? We have YSLs in green too. Size 9 - $395
Vintage Louis Vuitton - $250
Louis Vuitton - $398
True Religions - Size 8 - $58
Women's Harley Davidson jacket - $148
Leopard bag by Dolce & Gabbana, Kind of perfect with the shoes. $198
Christian Louboutin - Size 7 - $298
Burberry cashmere cap - $98
Gucci Guccissima bag - $448
Perfect for the morning Starbucks run! $168
Polka dots for summer? We have that - $78
Skirt by Etro - $68
Moschino top - $89
Shagadelic? We think so. $78
Need to channel Joanie from Mad Men? This cashmere sweater will do it. $38
Jack Georges briefcase - $128
Jessica Simpsons. Size 9 - $48
Yves St. Laurent leather bag - $268
Wanna be a flapper? This dress is perfect... $98
2 piece suit by Dolce & Gabbana - $598
Vintage glamour - $89
Patent leather Dooney & Bourke. The perfect mobile phone/credit card bag. $38
Chanel - $149
Distressed leather by Juicy - $128
Prada - $128
Fendi Checkbook Wallet $79
Fendi Wallet - $118
Pour La Victoire wedges - Size 9 1/2 - $89
These riding boots are the real deal - Size 6 - $129
Betsy Johnson - $28
Totally exotic! This cosmetic case is priced at $65
DKNY bomber jacket - $148
Diane von Furstenberg shorts - Size 6 - $78
Platforms at a size 10 - $36
Butter Soft Boots by Dolce Vita. Size 10 - Priced at $125
Yes, more vintage! $38
Need the traditional red velvet Holiday coat? Here you go. $58
Gucci vintage 80's bag with navy print. $149
Sold - The The new owner immediately shot to the top ranking in the highly competitive battle of the Orange County Fashionistas
Sold - Immediately after buying these boots, the new owner was contacted by Joan Rivers asking for wardrobe advice.
Suede bag by Stuart Weitzman. $225
Who says you can't stock stylish vintage survival goods?
Burberry wedges, never worn. Size 8 1/2. Priced at $248
Charlie Sheen would probably still be doing 2 1/2 Men if they let him wear this shirt - XL - Priced at $48
Twill 22 jacket. Priced at $58
This beautiful paper and wood parasol is priced at $34
See by Chloe knit dress. Priced at $58
Tons of new vintage jewelry!!!
Vintage necklace - Priced at $168
Is this vintage hat unbelievable or what? Priced at $78
Vintage Tony Lama's - straight out of El Paso. Size 8 1/2. Priced at $98
Sold - The new owner accidentally mailed a bunch of letters without postage. They all arrived at their destinations anyway.
This lizard skin bag is gorgeous!!! Priced at $98
Locally-made cuffs. Prices start at $28
Sold - Immediately after buying the scarf, the new owner was selected as "January" for Burberry's "People who Look Fantastic Wearing our Scarves" Calendar.
100% cashmere hoodie (fashion plus street cred!). Priced at $168
Hudsons? We got your Hudsons in size 27 & 28 at $58 each
Coach leather tote. Priced at $128
Blazer by Christian Dior. Priced at $128
Boots by Juicy. Size 7. Priced at $295
Franco Sarto pumps in quadruplicate. Size 8. Each priced at $58
Feeling the call of the wild? This silk top is priced at $48
Charlie Horse boots. Size 8 1/2. Priced at $249
Suede by Fendi. Size 4. Priced at $129
Sold - After buying these gloves the owner was invited onstage with Three Dog Night to sing "Jeremiah was a Bullfrog."
You don't see these salt & pepper shakers every day. Priced at $48
Sold - Immediately after buying this bag the new owner's life became drama-free
Ralph Lauren sweater. Size 2. Priced $128
This vintage kimono makes for the perfect beach/pool cover-up. Priced at $89
Vintage Whiting & Davis handbags and clutches. Priced from $48 to $198
Now THESE are freakin' amazing. Priced at $48
If you like fringy vintage suede cowboy jackets, we have 'em. This one's priced at $98.
Never worn Jimmy Choo's. Size 9 1/2. Priced at $298
Beautiful 1950's vintage dress. Pearls sold separately. Priced at $98
Boots from the runway from Sky. $98
This vintage coat is the perfect Mother's Day gift. Well, only if mom likes really cool gifts! Priced at $138
Medici leather! Priced at $189
Tory Burch suede pumps that are gorgeous! Size 7. Priced at $118
Sold - The new owner noticed that when she pulls in to the gas station she now gets full service treatment - even when she goes for the self service pumps.
Tory Burch polo shirt. These have the really cool Tory Burch buttons. Priced at $34
Christian Lacroix. These might have been worn once on carpet. Size 7 1/2. Priced at $138
Yep, more Juicy Couture. We have ths one at $68
This vintage coat rocks! Be the envy of everyone. Well except for the person who buys the kimono on the the opposite side of this page. Priced at $148.
Sold. Since buying this bag, the new owner's kids have volunteered to do the dinner dishes every night.
Stuart Weitzman. Priced at $58
Sold. The new owner was throwing a party the night she bought these. We tried to go but security told us we weren't on the list.
Sold - Rachel Ray called as the new owner left the store, but not about the shoes. She's trying to get her hands on the owner's rockin' recipe for Gazpacho.
Sold - The new owner is being honored by the City of Laguna Beach at a dinner gala this evening. She's not exactly sure why but knows its not related to her purchase of this handbag. That dinner took place the night she bought the bag.
Sold - Vince Vaughn called and told the new owner to buy whatever she wanted. So she did.
Sold. Upon seeing these boots on the new owner, Nancy Sinatra's people are suggesting that she wears black boots the next time she does her signature hit.
Sold - Rumor has it that the new owner wll take over the Joan Holloway role in Season 6 of "Mad Men".
Sold - Since buying this dress, the new owner gets her Domino's pizza's delivered in under 10 minutes every time.
Sold - Despite driving by herself, the new owner now gets escorted into the diamond lane by the CHP just to speed her along her way.
Sold - The new owner is now Simon Cowell's favorite to win next year's "X Factor".
Sold - Since buying the wallet and checkbook cover, the new owner has become a vital member of Oprah's inner circle of advisors.
Scarf by Chanel - $168. Lous Vuitton - $98
Sold - The new owner was immediately called by Woody Allen who offered her a supporting role in "Midnight in Paris II". He assured her that her on-set trailer would be the same size as Owen Wilson's.
Sold - The new owner was delighted to find out that she had made Santa's "Nice List" despite a couple little things that can't be mentioned here.
The new owner was recently offered a season pass at Mammoth and an undisclosed sum of cash to sit in the Main Lodge at the end of the day for a few minutes. The Mammoth people said her fashion sense and "mad half-pipe skills" made her perfect for job.
It's "Beaded Gown Season!" We have a full rack of beautiful gowns to make your holiday events perfect. Prices start at $89
Sold. Immediately after buying this bag the new owner received an unsolicited offer to be one of Charlie Sheen's "goddesses" (now that there are positions open)
Born boots at Blast Consignment
Sold - The new owner was contacted shortly after her purchase by George Clooney for relatonship advice
Luxe Boots
Sold - Upon leaving Blast Consignment, the new owner was pulled over by one of Laguna Beach's finest but not for a ticket. He just wanted to compliment her on her superior driving skills. He also said her eyes were "dreamy".
Dooney and Bourke handbags at Blast Consignment
Sold. The new owner bowled a perfect 300 the night after buying this bag.
Vintage laguna beach
Velvet collar and polka dots on black. Priced at $78
Designer handbags at Blast Consignment
Sold. The new owner was recently mistaken for Kate Middleton. By Fergie

New Arrivals at Blast Consignment



Need something a little different for the holidays? We got it!!! If you like gorgeous, never-used items at consignment store prices, we've got those too! 

Have a look around, or better yet, come in and see the amazing things that have come in. If you do see something you have to have, let us know and we'll be happy to ship it to you.

We've sent a full list of the designer items to those who have signed up for our email list.


If this is your first visit with us, you can get our priority "New Arrivals" announcements via email by clicking here.


Gucci suede. New with box. Size 7 - $258
Doc Martens. Size 8 - $79
Fantastic Dolce & Gabbana, and look how great they go with the leopard bag! Size 7 - $398
Bottega Veneta Train Case. eBay has one at $1,200 but we have this on at $498
Need a beehive hairdryer? We have that... $295
Denim jacket by Christine Alexander - $58
Badgely Mischka - $128
Kind of the leopard version of Macklemore's zebra Thrift Shop coat - $980
We double dare ya! Size 10 - $58
Fiestaware Galore!!!
The "Let's sneak a bottle of wine into the event" bag by Charles David - $48
Tory Burch - $178
We've got prom dresses! Prices start at $38
Vintage faux leopard! $78
Cowboy boots by Old Gringo - Size 8 1/2. $89
Vintage suitcase with super cool stickers - $168
Faconnable leather coat - $178
Sold, The new owner said she would let us know how the first day at school went with her new lunch pail.
Dooney & Bourke - Priced at $48
Burberry patent leather. $495
Wool jacket with a fox collar. Priced at $78
Born boots made with super soft leather - Size 8. Priced at $189
Fringe, suede, and total coolness!!! Priced at $98
Roberto Cavalli. Priced at $158
Tons of new jewelry!!!
Vintage yellow crochet dress $150 - Matching hat $128/ Vintage cream lace dress $78 - Vintage sequin cardigan $128
This white linen dress by Allegra was made in Italy and retailed at $2000. We have it for $379
Vintage jewelry for days. Prices start at $18
Vintage decanters for vodka, bourbon, rum, gin, & scotch. $149 for the set.
Classic cigarette ads. Priced at $68 each or $200 for the set.
Sold. The new owner has seen sales triple since buying ths desk. He attributes the jump in sales to increased "gravitas".
Denim from Rock & Republic, 575, Paige, and True Religion. Nothing over $58
The Lewisette Clutch. Priced at $68
These vintage dresses are in fantastic shape. Prices start at $128
Maggie London. Priced at $128
Sold - The new owner was informed that she is now first on the list for the iPhone 5.
Sold - The day after buying this coat, the new owner received a phone call from Karl Lagerfeld congratulating her on a "brilliant purchase". He also asked for her opinion on a variety of patterns for his Fall 2012 line of Snuggies.
Sold - On the same day she bought the bag, the new owner started "The Bacon, Wine, and Chocolate Diet" and lost 4 pounds in the first week.
Dolce & Gabana jacket - the snakeskin trim is amazing! $138
Sold - Immediately after buying the LV duffel the new owner went to her boss and asked for 3-day weekends with Mondays optional. She got it. And a raise.
Literally made for Italian royalty by Prada. This beautiful case is priced at $1,195
Wide belts??? We've got a ton of gorgeous wide belts starting at $30
Sold - Oliver Stone is re-shooting a critical scene in his upcoming film "Savages" so that the new owner of this bag can be used as an extra. Stone said she adds a certain "Je ne sais quoi" to the scene.
Sold - The new owner was wisked off to London for her wedding immediately after buying this coat. At least that's the way it will play out when Tarantino does the movie.
We've taken in a ton of vintage. These are just a few of them.
Sold - The new owner is now on "The List" at every hot club in SoCal. We checked the Vegas clubs and she's on "The List" there too.
Sold - The new owner will be featured in "The Secret II" because she visualized buying this bag months before actually making the purchase. With that task complete, she's now visualizing the purchase of Richard Branson's island in the Caribbean.
Sold - The new owner now has the inside track to replace Stephanie Edwards as Rose Bowl Parade commentator.
Sold. The new owner was a little worred that she'd be taller than her husband when wearing these but told us that "posture exercises" have taken him from 5'9" to 6 feet. She's pretty sure her book on the subject is going to be huge.
The new owner is now considered to be the most interesting man in the world.
Sold - The new owner has dared it to be cold every day since making her purchase. The result? The mildest winter in memory as "cold" apparently doesn't want to accept the dare. Just to see how powerful the coat really is, she's heading to Germany next week where she will double-dare it to be cold. We'll have a follow-up report shortly.
Vintage Gucci handbags. Both of these are in fantastic shape and look nowhere near their true age. Both priced at $158
It's a poorly kept secret that sweaters like these are total babe magnets. Prices start at $38
True Religion jeans in all sizes. $58
Sold - Despite never having applied for membership, the new owner was presented with a lifetime membership to MENSA with full benefits. She is sworn to secrecy but can't hide a smile whenever she hears the word "benefits".
coats laguna beach
Sold - While in the process of buying this coat our customer checked her Facebook page and was amazed to find that she had received 797 new friend requests.
Designer handbags laguna beach
Sold - Within hours of buying this handbag, the new owner called us to say that she had found a lost Picasso in her attic and would be in contact via postcards from her around-the-world luxury vacation.
Vintage at Blast Consignment
Vintage swing coat with lamb's wool and silver fox collar. Priced at $138
Alaia at Blast Consignment
Sold. The new owner wore this dress to a Starbucks and a party suddenly broke out. Then it happened again when she went next door to pick up her dry cleaning.
Designer bags at Blast Consignment
Sold - Upon leaving the store the buyer of this bag received a marriage proposal from a guy bearing a striking resemblance to the Prince of Monaco
Steve Madden's version of Uggs, perfect for the morning run to Starbucks. Size 10 - $38
Frye boots, Size 8.5 - $195
Manas boots. When you own these, you look forward to bad weather. Size 8 - $98
Prada chocolate suede - yummy! $148
We've got great furs including stoles, jackets, coats, and collars!!!
Vintage Fendi - $150
Michael Kors leather tote - $148
Polo anyone? These Ariat riding boots are the real thing - Size 7 1/2 - $98
Moschino embroidered pants & blazer- Size 6- $498
Louis Vuitton coin purse - $98
Michael Kors - $78
Michelle MW2 watch - $128
Victorian lamp - $98
The perfect cocktail dress - $68
Vintage Gucci cross body - $98
The perfect summer skirt by Missoni - $89
Missoni tank - $68
Super soft leather on these Foot Petal boots! - Size 6 1/2 - $68
Vintage St. Laurent skirt - $68
Moschino - 'nuff said. Top $98 - Pants $89
Made in China back when that was cool. $68
Fendi saddlebag - $168
Coach $58
Coach boots - Size 8 1/2 - $189
Skirt by Gucci with wool & leather - Size 6 - $178
Boots by Armani - Size 6 1/2 - $178
Built for speed!!! $128
Jessica McKlintock - Size 6 - $89
The Gucci suede fanny pak. They have another name for it, but it's a fanny pak. $248
Perfect for an iPad. $48
Great Gatsby clutches from Whiting & Davis
Vintage gator. $178
We're kinda thinking that this Marc Jacobs kid has a future - Size 6 - $89
Handknit top by Fiore - $58
Michael Kors - $98
Via Spiga- Size 6 1/2 - $98
Via Spiga - Size 8 - $98
Coach tote - $98
YippeeYiYay! Steve Madden - Size 9 - $98
Vintage cross body $24
Argentinian Suede - $78
Vintage elegance - $68
These Prada's are like new! Size 6 - $128
True Religion's - Size 25 - $58 - $68
Leopard Case - $34
Men's Dan Post Boots - Size 10 1/2 -$78
A globe just makes life better - $38
Need some attention? These are a size 7 - $48
Dolce & Gabbana skirt - Size 6 - $38
Pucci beach/pool coverup - $168
Vintage cashmere with leopard collar - $98
Mink & leather bag - $189
Halston with velvet - Size 8 1/2 - $178
La Rok sequin dress - kind of catches the light , doncha think? $48
Enzo Angiolini pony hair pumps - Size 7 1/2 - $38
Sue Wong - $58
Max Studio - $28
Leather bracelet with silver & turquoise - $38
Bandolino boots - worn twice. Size 7 1/2. $98
Briony Marsh - $249
Report Signatures. Size 10 - $98
Betsey Johnson - Never worn. Size 8. $58
Vintage from the 50's. $48
You can get all retro'd with this for $28
Tons of amazing hats!!!
Are these Gucci's perfect for the holidays or what? Size 9 - $249
Coreka - made in Italy. $89
This vintage messenger Coach tote can do anything. Well, almost anything. $179
These are perfect for the holidays! Size 8 1/2. $68
Hurry and buy this before Mrs. Roper finds out we're selling her coat. $48
Trouve boots - Size 7 1/2. $98
bebe (or is it bay bay?) Size 7. Priced at $38
Dan Post boots. Size 6 1/2. $89
Succulents as Sculptures
Coach. Priced at $48
Calvin Klein flats- Size 6 1/2. Priced at $28
Who says you can't wear white after Labor Day? These True Religions are size 26 - Priced at $58
Men's Diesel jeans - size 31. Prices start at $48
These Chanel sunglasses have the signature quilted pattern on the frames. Priced at $158
Vintage cream wool - Priced at $158
bebe alligators. Size 8. Priced at $58
Vintage Coach. Priced at $58
Men's Versace's. Size 34. Priced at $78
Suede Kenneth Cole boots. Size 8. $24
Coach shoulder bag. Priced $48
Sold. Figuring she was on a hot streak, the new owner immediately headed to Vegas after buying the bag.
Sunglasses by Fendi. Priced at $295
Vintage gator - priced at $98
This 1950's vintage dress is soooo beautiful! Size 4. Priced at $58
Vintage Lord & Taylor. The only thing missing is a long cigarette holder. Priced at $89
This Burberry skirt is adorable on! Size 2. Priced at $79
This film canister makes a perfect carry on bag. Priced at $48
Care for some old school film makin'? This Bell & Howell cam is priced at $48
Gorgeous Nicole Miller. Priced at $128
Men's shoes by Martino Coy. Total babe magnets. Size 13 - Priced at $48
Snakeskin by Escada. Size 8 1/2. Priced at $118
This awesome swing coat is priced at $148
Tons of fantastic chandeliers
These Italian made boots just rock - especially at $58! Size 7.
Adrienne Vitadini clutch. Priced at $28
This Gianni Versace women's vest was designed with custom cutouts that make it sooo sexy! Priced at $889
The new owner wore this top to grocery store and was surprized when a check out "Diamond Lane" was created just for her. It happened again 4 days later to a friend who had borrowed the top.
St. John Sport. Priced at $68
The detail in this beautiful piece is amazing! We also have another in red. Priced at $168
This vintage lamp is stunning! Priciced at $189
This beautiful piece has a working tube radio as well as a turntable (turntable needs some help though). Priced at $210
Sold - The new owner was just informed that she will grace the cover of the "Laguna Beach Women with Impeccable Fashion Sense" calendar. The release date is yet to be determined.
Sold - The new owner hit the road with her new band immediately after buying this bag. The shows here are sold out and we hear her band is HUGE in Europe.
Vintage hats starting at $38
Givenchy "Fleurs de Parfume" plates. Sets of 4 priced at $38
Sold - Seconds after these leg warmers were purchased, Olivia Newton-John called, saying she would buy them at any cost. She's now the first call on our wish list for leg warmers.
Sold - Watch for the new owner on the Red Carpet at the Grammy's. She's going to pair the bag with either a re-do of Bjork's swan ensemble or J-Lo's plunging Versace number from 2000.
Sold - The new owner had a salad named after her at "The Grill" within days of buying this jacket. Copywrite laws prevent us from sharing the name of the salad.
Sold - Starbucks now has the new owner's "Double Ristretto Venti Half-Soy Nonfat Decaf Organic Chocolate Brownie Iced Vanilla Double-Shot Gingerbread Frappuccino Extra Hot With Foam Whipped Cream Upside Down Double Blended, One Sweet'N Low and One Nutrasweet, and Ice" waiting when she walks in.
Boots by Mario Prologua. We'll bet you won't ever find yourself standing next to someone wearing the same boots. Priced at $48
Sold - The people at "Antique Roadshow" are desperately trying to find the new owner. They wouldn't tell us why.
Sold - Since buying these Fendi's the new owner gets stopped by people asking for her autograph saying "You just look like you're famous".
Sold - We heard these boots just went on one of the biggest concert tours of the year. We're sworn to secrecy so as not to ruin the element of surprise..
Sold - TMZ recently added the new owner to "The Coolest People in the World Who Wish to Remain Anonymous" list. For obvious reasons TMZ can't publish the list.
Sold - Since buying these boots the new owner has been invited to walk the red carpet at country music award shows all over the place. She has had to decline the invites due to her busy schedule and the fact that the only country song she really likes is "Far Away Eyes" by the Rolling Stones.
Rockabilly concert? Debutante ball? This dramatic dress is perfect whether you're feeling naughty or nice! Priced at $118
These boots are livin' so large we couldn't fit the toes in the pic. Actually they're only a size 6 1/2 but you know what we mean! Priced at $48
This is a rare piece from Bottega Veneta done with their color "Poison" (we think). Priced at $595

Blast Consignment: 1936 S. Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach Ca. 92651

(949) 494 9608